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19 Jan Best Diets Overall
Jekaterina#SANVIC 0 120
Did you know?It's officially 2023, and if history repeats, millions of Americans are likely vowing that this year will be one when they drop those unwanted pounds for good. After all, weight loss usua..
04 Jan Low carbohydrate Dieth advocates
0 268
A low carb diet is one that limits carbohydrates, primarily found in sugary foods, pasta, and bread. Instead of eating carbs, you focus on protein-rich whole foods and vegetables.Studies show that low..
26 Dec Keto mimosa
Jekaterina#SANVIC 0 345
Keto Mimoza - New year's food for people with diabetes, keto and low carbohydrate diets.Mimoza is arguably the second most popular New year's salad, though it's less associated with the festivities. K..
23 Dec Keto Olivier
0 329
Rasol lettuce for diabetes, keto and low carb diets.Keto Olivier The Russell is a real winter salad. It contains a lot of fat because mayonnaise is added, which is just a plus for the keto diet. Reduc..
21 Dec Keto New year's Menu
Jekaterina#SANVIC 0 339
We look forward to a healthy and tasty New Year!Keto New Year. Recipes for salads, appetizers, hot dishes and desserts.Most New Year's dishes are also suitable for the keto diet. Hot dishes, salads an..
14 Dec Keto biscuits for festivities
Jekaterina#SANVIC 0 295
Keto biscuits for festivitiesFor biscuits:250 g almond flour30 g coconut flour¼ teac salt6 eats. k. soft butter80 g granulated erythritol sweetener (Sukrin or Sanvic)large egg (room temperature)½ teac..
10 Dec Pārtikas atkarība
Jekaterina#SANVIC 0 138
0 329
Most people think that if you’re on a keto diet, you’ve got to deprive yourself of everything you love. Can you help us understand the do’s and don’ts of having chocolate on a keto diet?Of course you ..
26 Nov Berry pie with oat fiber
L_aAnd--_A# 0 256
Berry pie with oatmeal fiber100 g of pie – 183 kcal and 3 g of carbohydratesIngredients4 eggs80 g finesse60 g of oatmeal fiber200 ml of non-fat milk50 g of melted cream oil1 teaspoon detonatorabout 16..
23 Nov Apples stuffed with vanilla cream
L_aAnd--_A# 0 301
Ingridients For 12 cupcakesFor cupcakes210 g fine grinding almonds90 g coconut flour4 teaspoons of detonator200 ml Sukrin + (or finesse)100 ml of soft cream oil4 eggs (room temperature)100 ml of Greek..
10 Nov Pumpkin cranberry dessert
SEO 0 305
Pumpkin cranberry dessert.This useful dessert can be decorated with broomstick or cranberries, lemon or nuts. Low carbohydrate content! Ingredients250 grams of pumpkin 70 g cranberries 1 Sukrin Gold..
13 Jan Keto dough for making bread, buns and baguettes
0 2540
Keto dough for making bread, buns and baguettes One of the most important ingredients in the diet is bread. Make really delicious, healthy bread, buns or baguettes suitable for your diet. Ingredients ..
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