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Psyllium, Fiber

Psyllium and nutritional supplements
FiberFin, resistant starch, 400 g FiberFin, resistant starch, 400 g
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Brand: Sukrin
FiberFin is corn starch extracted from a special maize that contains 80% amylose starch and has been cultivated over many years (not GMO). It is a form of starch that digestive enzymes in the body have a harder time breaking down. Scientists all over the world have now become aware of this special f..
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Brand: Sukrin
No carbsPure fibreGluten-freeNeutral flavourOat Fibre is a white, fine flour made from pure fibre. It’s gluten-free, with a neutral flavour. Oat Fibre provides baked goods with body and texture, without adding a single carbohydrate – just a whole lot of fibre.How to use oat fiber?Substitute part of ..
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A healthy thickener for baked goods and saucesLengthens the shelf life of productsDissolves in both hot and cold environmentsGluten freeIndispensable for low-carb baked goodsNatural food supplement, odorless and tasteless - soluble fiber produced by natural fermentation. It dissolves well, does not ..
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vegangluten freehigh in fiberlow in carbohydratesno fatlactose free, GMO freeheat resistantno allergensodorless and tastelessideal for low-carb cuisine100% Bamboo fiber s is a natural, insoluble 98% Bamboo Fiber Concentrate ideal for low-carb diets.Bamboo klechyatkao has properties that make it an i..
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100% natural, fruity-dark fine apple fiber, 400 g
-16 %
Brand: Adams Brot
fat-free, allergen-free, GMO-freevegantemperature stablehigh water binding capacitygluten freehigh-fiberlactose-freeallergen-free, GMO-freeideal for low-carbohydrate cuisineAdams Basic 100% natural, fruity-dark fine apple fiber is rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. It is obtained from dried a..
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Psyllium Husk 99%, 150 g
Psyllium - bran of plantain flea (plantago psyllium L.)Whole husk of plantain flea (Plantago Ovata). Psyllium 80-90% consists of cellulose, where 71% is soluble fiber, which serves as an excellent food for the beneficial intestinal microflora. In contrast to the popular oat and wheat bran, which con..
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Psyllium Husk Powder 99%, 250 g
Psyllium – flour from the bran of plantain flea (plantago psyllium L.)Psyllium flour is a key ingredient in low-carb and gluten-free baking. Due to its unique absorbent properties, this flour turns when liquid is added into a sticky jelly-like mass that binds the dough and makes it elastic. In fact,..
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Chia seeds, 250 g
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Lots of fiber and proteinContains Omega-3Gluten freeChia seeds are a true superfood sought after by nutritionists around the world. They contain many nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants, minerals and fatty acids that reduce the risk of disease.Particularly valuable is the high content of omega-3, ..
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