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Caramel bar «Toffee», 28 g
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Brand: Nick's
Nick's Soft Toffee 28 g is a soft caramel encased in milk chocolate. Without added sugar and sweetened without artificial sweeteners. With a natural combination of sweeteners that do not cause major blood sugar swings and are gentle on the stomach and teeth.Ingredients: Cocoa butter, sweetener:..
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Milk Chocolate with stevia Nick’s, 25 g
Bestsellers -40 %
Brand: Nick's
No added sugar (1.9 g natural sugar per 25 g chocolate)Amazing cocoa flavorThe same sweetness as chocolate with regular sugarThis milk chocolate has a rich cocoa flavor, with no added sugar. Only natural sweeteners: erythritol and stevia, which do not increase blood sugar. Weight: 25 gIngr..
0.77€ 1.29€
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Sukrin:1 sticks 40 х 5 g
-15 %
Brand: Sukrin
100% natural0 caloriesSweetness in relation to sugar 1: 1Does not increase blood sugarSukrin:1 has the same sweetness as regular sugar. With minimal addition of stevia. The taste of stevia is not felt. Sukrin:1 in 5-gram serving bags. It is convenient to take with you to work and travel. For the Hor..
4.93€ 5.80€
Ex Tax:4.93€
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