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Spirulina Chips, 70 g
New -16 %
Brand: Damhert
Suitable for vegansRich in protein100% naturalSpirulina is one of the richest sources of protein. Its content is about 60-70%.Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it is an excellent detoxifier for the body.Spirulina is also high in vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, E, B-complex, ir..
2.10€ 2.50€
Ex Tax:2.10€
ECO Coconut chips, 150 g
-16 %
Brand: Damhert
100% naturalSuitable for vegansCoconut chips are delicious to eat on their own, as a healthy replacement for regular chips or to add to yoghurt, a smoothie or salad. These chips can also be a beautiful decoration for your pastry.Weight: 150 gIngredients:  Coconut* From certified organ..
2.90€ 3.45€
Ex Tax:2.90€
Fruit Chewing Gum, Xucker, 100 g Fruit Chewing Gum, Xucker, 100 g
Out Of Stock
Brand: Xucker
Free of sugar, aspartame, sorbitol, fructose and TiO2Reduces dental plaque;Remineralizes enamel (positive effect after 20 minutes of chewing);Relieves dry mouth;Suitable for vegans, because it is covered with Carnauba (palm) wax instead of beeswax.Healthy chewing gum with fruit flavor, xylitol and n..
Ex Tax:6.85€
Orange Biscuits, 160 g
Brand: Damhert
New Orange biscuits from Damhert.Ideal for people watching their sugar intake.Ingredients: WHEAT flour, margarine (vegetable fats and oils (palm*, shea, rapeseed, coconut), water, salt, emulsifier (mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids), natural flavouring, antioxidant (citric acid)), sweete..
Ex Tax:3.85€
Brand: Sukrin
No added sugarSweetened naturally with Sukrin and stevia86% fewer carbs than in regular marzipanVeganSukrinMarsipan takes the combination of nutritious and delicious to a whole new level. With 29% fibre and just 5% carbohydrates it’s great news to health-conscious marzipan lovers everywher..
Ex Tax:6.80€
Brand: Sukrin
Two times less calories than in honeySuitable for diabetesLess than 2 g of natural sugar per 100 gSource of beneficial fiberA new improved syrup with a low content of calories and carbohydrates. Gluten-free. It has almost no effect on blood sugar, is harmless to the teeth and is good for the figure...
Ex Tax:11.50€
Brand: Damhert
3 biscuits = 1 bread unitLess caloriesNo added sugarGluten freeChoose these sugar-free coconut-flavoured cookies with sweetener that are perfect for a low carb diet.Weight: 90 gIngredients: WHEAT flour, sweetener (maltitol), palm oil, WHEAT starch, OAT bran, raising agents(sodium carbonate..
Ex Tax:3.30€
Brand: Damhert
Do you like the combination of crunchy biscuit and dark chocolate? Then choose these dark chocolate cookies, which contain 87% less sugar!Ingredients: dark chocolate with sweetener (48%) (cocoa mass, sweetener (maltitols), cocoa butter, emulsifier (SOY lecithins), natural vanilla flavour), WHEA..
Ex Tax:5.85€
Brand: Damhert
93% less sugarsGluten-freeLow carbsStart your day with fruity low carb strawberry jam. 60% less carbohydrates and 93% less sugars, ideal for starting a low carb and/or keto diet in the morning.Weight: 210 g Ingredients: apricot (50%), maltitol syrup, fiber (dextrin), gelling agent (p..
Ex Tax:3.95€
Caramel bar «Toffee», 28 g
Brand: Nick's
Nick's Soft Toffee 28 g is a soft caramel encased in milk chocolate. Without added sugar and sweetened without artificial sweeteners. With a natural combination of sweeteners that do not cause major blood sugar swings and are gentle on the stomach and teeth.Ingredients: Cocoa butter, sweetener:..
Ex Tax:2.15€
Cherry Jam Damhert, 210 g
Brand: Damhert
90% less sugarsGluten-freeLow carbsStart your day with fruity low carb strawberry jam. 60% less carbohydrates and 90% less sugars, ideal for starting a low carb and/or keto diet in the morning.Weight: 210 g Ingredients: maltitol syrup, fiber (dextrin), gelling agent(pectins), acidity regul..
Ex Tax:3.95€
Chocolate mousse Sukrin, 85 g Chocolate mousse Sukrin, 85 g
Bestsellers Out Of Stock
Brand: Sukrin
No added sugarNaturally sweetened with Sukrin and steviaAmazingly light and soft consistencyOnly 85 kcal per portionSukrin Chocolate mousse is the perfect option when you’re looking for a delicious dessert that’s good for your health, too. The mousse is naturally sweetened with Sukrin and stevia, so..
Ex Tax:4.05€
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