Rasol lettuce for diabetes, keto and low carb diets.

Keto Olivier

The Russell is a real winter salad. It contains a lot of fat because mayonnaise is added, which is just a plus for the keto diet. Reduce the amount of starchy vegetables or replace them completely, and you have the perfect keto salad recipe for New year's Eve!

Keto Olivier components
Per 10 portions

  • 100 g carrots (cooked)
  • 100 g pickled cucumbers
  • 7 eggs (boiled)
  • 200 g ham (16%)
  • 200 g chicken fillets (15%)
  • 50 gr green peas
  • 400 g mayonnaise
  • 20 g mustard
  • Salt
  • Pepper

New year's keto salad recipe
Novara the vegetables, eggs and chicken fillet. Cut them. Then slice the ham and cucumbers.
Add the green peas, salt, pepper.
Add mayonnaise.