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MCCOY TEAS Ayurvediс De-stress green tea 2g x 25pcs

MCCOY TEAS Ayurvediс De-stress green tea 2g x 25pcs
MCCOY TEAS Ayurvediс De-stress green tea 2g x 25pcs

Stress is a very common problem faced by almost anyone, and it has become a part of lifestyle. The catechins in tea leaves help to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, and support the immune system, which indirectly supports the body in timers of stress.

For those chaotic, stressful days- there is no better fix than a good old cup of tea. But, what’s even better is when McCoy’s team of experts come together to create a special blend, exclusively to help you recalibrate your inner peace & physical being in this demanding existence. Ingredients such as Gotukola- also titled as ‘Nature’s cure for stress,’ together with the relaxing characteristics of lavender & other herbs make this the perfect cuppa for an exhausting day!

Tasting note

The dominating note in the palate is the leafy & slightly bitter taste of Gotukola –universally known to relieve anxiety and depression. While the nutty & earthy flavours of cumin and fennel gently kick in towards the middle, offering a powerful source of iron & anti-oxidants to the body, thereby calming you almost instantly.  

Ingredients: Green Tea, Lemongrass, Gotukola, Ginger, Lavender buds, Cumin seed and Fennel

McCoy Ceylon Commodities Ltd. Sri Lanka

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