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Fruit Chewing Gum, Xucker, 100 g

Fruit Chewing Gum, Xucker, 100 g
Fruit Chewing Gum, Xucker, 100 g
Fruit Chewing Gum, Xucker, 100 g
Fruit Chewing Gum, Xucker, 100 g
Fruit Chewing Gum, Xucker, 100 g
  • Free of sugar, aspartame, sorbitol, fructose and TiO2
  • Reduces dental plaque;
  • Remineralizes enamel (positive effect after 20 minutes of chewing);
  • Relieves dry mouth;
  • Suitable for vegans, because it is covered with Carnauba (palm) wax instead of beeswax.

Healthy chewing gum with fruit flavor, xylitol and natural flavors. No GMO; no TiO2 (titanium dioxide), which is often found in chewing gum and is dangerous to the stomach.

Instead of titanium dioxide, chewing gum contains calcium carbonate, which helps to remineralize teeth. This means that the components of chewing gum can reduce and eliminate defects in tooth enamel. Xucker fruit chewing gum is an excellent prevention against caries and other dental diseases.

In one chewing gum tablets is 1 g of xylitol. Convenient packaging, about 67 chewing gum tablets, 1.5 g each.

To prevent caries, it is recommended to use 9 to 12 g of xylitol daily, preferably 3-4 g after each meal. In the form of gum, the norm is 3-4 g, that is, 3-4 chewing gum tablets.

Weight: 100 g

Ingredients: xylitol (67%); chewing mass; natural flavors; emulsifier: soy lecithin; thickener: gum Arabic; dye: calcium carbonate; coating: Carnauba wax.

ATTENTION: when using a single dose of xylitol more than 30 grams can act as a laxative.

IMPORTANT: Keep in areas that are inaccessible to animals! Even a small amount of xylitol, which is contained in the product, is dangerous for dogs. Contraindications for cats are not observed.

Manufactured by Xucker (Germany).

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